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(ITEM RESHELVED) Your Eloi Tax Funds at Work: Police Beat Fellow Policeman's Son to Death

Published May 10, 2012

This item has been reshelved.

Run time 2:28:27
Audio/Visual Stream 2 - Type: Audio; Codec: Vorbis Audio (vorb); Channels: Stereo; Sample rate: 48000 Hz; Bitrate: 80 kb/s; ENCODER: ffmpeg2theora-2.8; SOURCE_OSHASH: 293db02a1d74d40d, Stream 1 - Type: Video; Codec:'s Theora Video (theo); Resolution: 480x270; Frame rate: 20; Decoded format: Planar 4:2:0 YUV; ENCODER: ffmpeg2theora-0.28; SOURCE_OSHASH: 293db02a1d74d40d
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Reviewer: Dupenhagen Moonbat - - May 18, 2012
Subject: Not a Peep
153 downloads and not a peep from one of you. Wow, you really have become Eloi.
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Dupenhagen Moonbat
on 5/11/2012